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All personal bankruptcy filings in the United States are part of the public record. In many jurisdictions, personal bankruptcy notices are printed weekly in the local newspapers.

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Georgia, Last Names «V»: Vazquez … Vickers

The table lists individuals in Georgia who have filed for bankruptcy, showing their names, case numbers, filing dates, and types of bankruptcy filed. It includes their names, case numbers, filing dates, and the type of bankruptcy petition filed (such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13). This table is a part of the public record, as all personal bankruptcy filings in the United States are.
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Demetrio Cortes Vazquez, Bankruptcy Record: Case #16-20590 - Sep 14, 2021, Discharging Debtor(s)

Craig Allen Vaughan, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-56853-sms - Sep 18, 2021, Certificate of Mailing by BNC of Chapter 13 Plan

Michael James Del Vacchio, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-40365 - Sep 18, 2021, Meeting of Creditors 7 (No Asset) 2021-11-08 14:51:00

Natasha Nicole Virgil, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-57019-lrc - Sep 21, 2021, Chapter 7 Auto Assignment

Kimberly Jean Varner, Bankruptcy Record: Case #16-11202 - Sep 24, 2021, Release of Wages (trustee generated)

Katina M. Vossfeldt, Bankruptcy Record: Case #16-71286 - Oct 02, 2021, BNC Certificate of Mailing

Alfonso Efrain Vitery, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-41205 - Oct 02, 2021, Initial Docs01: Voluntary Petition (Chapter 13) 2021-10-02 16:34:45

Charles Nakoma Virden, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-10888-pmb - Oct 04, 2021, Certificate of Mailing by BNC of Meeting of Creditors

Raymond VanHorn and Courtney VanHorn, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-70746 - Oct 15, 2021, Meeting of Creditors 13 2021-10-15 17:43:02

Nettie N. Valentine, Bankruptcy Record: Case #18-11480 - Oct 15, 2021, Release of Wages (trustee generated)

Thelma Ann Victoria Vega, Bankruptcy Record: Case #20-20393 - Oct 21, 2021, Release of Wages (trustee generated)

EG Ventures, LLC, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-21057-jrs - Oct 24, 2021, Certificate of Mailing by BNC of Order on Application to Extend Time to File Schedules (441)

Nicolasa O Vina, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-41278-bem - Oct 25, 2021, Certificate of Mailing by BNC of Meeting of Creditors

Nicole Evette Valentine, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-57899-lrc - Oct 25, 2021, Notice of Debtor's Prior Filings 2021-10-25 12:48:21

Octavia Vickers, Bankruptcy Record: Case #17-50409 - Nov 06, 2021, Notice to Debtor Regarding Certification of Plan Completion (1st NOTICE)

Margie Vince, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-70822 - Nov 09, 2021, Pay Filing Fee in Installments 2021-11-10 19:47:38

Marlene Vazquez-Vega, Bankruptcy Record: Case #21-58497 - Nov 14, 2021, Notice of Appearance

Marco Antonio Villegas, Bankruptcy Record: Case #17-11453 - Nov 15, 2021, Release of Wages (trustee generated)

Louis S Vickers, Sr and Catherine M Vickers, Bankruptcy Record: Case #20-50490 - Nov 17, 2021, Confirming Modified Chapter 13 Plan